The Financial Institution

The Financial Institution was registered in 2001 as Commercial Bank “Kompleks”, in May 2006 changed the name to “Bank Finservice”.

At the end of 2010 JSC “The Seventh Continent” which is one of the most successful retail food stores net in Russia consolidated 100 per cent shares of the Bank. The amount of the deal was evaluated by the market for more than 500 million rubles. In March 2013 JSC “The Seventh Continent” quit the banking business. The mass media reported that the JSC “Bank Finservice” was officially sold.

According to publicly accessible data sources at present time the shares belong to the Members of the Board of Directors Mr.Ivan Mironov and Mr.Vladimir Kartashyan (each has 19.75%), the same portion of shares belongs to Mr.Aleksey Mityushov. Mrs.Natalia Konovalenko who is also the Member of the Board of Directors has 14.5%, as 9.75% belong to OOO “Over-Pass” (99% Beneficiary is Mrs.Tatiana Svitova), the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr.Mikhail Botvinkin has 9.5% and the Chairman of the Executive Board Mr.Dimitriy Kopyrin has 7%.

The Bank primarily serves corporate clients. Nowadays there are auxiliary offices in Moscow and the region, Ryazan, Saint-Petersburg, Archangelsk, Barnaul, Orenburg, Salavat and Surgut.

Board of Directors: Mikhail Botvinkin, Dimitriy Kopyrin, Ivan Mironov, Natalia Konovalenko, Vladimir Kartashan.

Executive Board: Dimitriy Kopyrin – Chairman of the Executive Board, Yuri Balykin – First Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board, Elena Kostina – Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board, Yuri Diachkov – Retail Business Development Director, Denis Tikhonov – Legal Department Manager, Matvei Fomichev – Executive Director, Svetlana Tokareva – Deputy Chief Accountant – Front Office Manager, Stepan Inozemtsev - Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board, Yuri Shabalin – Financial Director.

GIIN 21F4XA.99999.SL.643

Status Participating FFI